Frazier v AHI Settlement

Frazier v. American Health Imaging, Inc
United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia Case No: 1:16-cv-02148-ELR

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You are eligible to participate in this settlement if you were paid as a non-exempt employee by Defendant American Health Imaging, Inc. (“AHI” or “Defendant”) or its affiliated entities and your overtime pay received was calculated based on your hourly rate of pay, but you also received bonuses or other similar production/incentive compensation (each a “bonus” and collectively “bonuses”) for work performed in an overtime week (i.e., a week in which you worked more than forty (40) hours in a workweek) that was not included in the calculation of your rate of pay for overtime premiums when Defendant calculated and paid overtime premiums by the payroll date of the bonus, in one or more pay periods from October 8, 2013 until and ending on September 30, 2016, the date after which Defendant began including those bonus payments in the overtime rate calculation with its November, 2016 bonus payments for any overtime hours worked in October, 2016 (the “Claim”).

Plaintiff in this lawsuit asserted the Claim individually and on your behalf in an alleged collective action, alleging that this resulted in underpayment of overtime pay in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Defendant disputes that allegation and admits no liability. Nonetheless, Defendant in this lawsuit has agreed to settle the Claim for all individuals who opt-in to this lawsuit by complying with the procedures in the settlement. The Court approved the settlement on September 14, 2017. You are, therefore, eligible to participate in this settlement if you meet the criteria above, and all individuals meeting that criteria will be mailed a Notice accordingly.

Although it denies the allegations, AHI is encouraging all eligible current and former employees to accept their share of the Settlement. Whether you are a current or former AHI employee who is eligible for this Settlement, AHI will not take any action against employees who join the Action or participate in the Settlement as a result of their decision to do so.

To learn more about the terms of the proposed settlement, your options, and how your legal rights may be affected, please review the Long Form Notice, Settlement Documents and answers to the Frequently Asked Questions provided on this website.